Wellness Chart

As health is restored and as we start living the way nature intended, it can be easy to lose sight of what changes have occurred as a result of drinking Body Balance.  For this reason, we recommend using this Wellness Chart in order to record the starting point and track changes.

download wellness chart (word doc)

Check Out This Video – How Body Balance Works!

This is a great video featuring Annie Taylor who will inform you about the amazing effects and benefits of Body Balance and what it can do for you and your health.

Annie will provide you will information on the important nutrients and how they are so important to your health. She’ll also take you through what is actually in body balance and why its so important to our heath.

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Forget the peas, eat your seaweed!

seaweedSea vegetation is slowly emerging as one of the world’s leading sources of complete nutrition. This comes as little surprise when you consider most species of seaweed work as a sponge, absorbing an extensive range of nutrients from the surrounding water. In Fact, sea vegetables are the richest natural source of minerals, trace minerals and rare earth elements. Who would have guessed these plants we used to poke as kids were not only edible, but actually good for us?

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How Body Balance works at a cellular level


by Christa Way, Medical Herbalist and Nutritionist

The combination of sea vegetables and aloe vera in Body Balance works in the body on many levels. The minerals in the sea vegetables cause a reduction of surface tension in our cell walls, allowing access right into the cell. With aloe vera as a super “carrier” of nutrients, this allows greater influx of oxygen that displaces the carbon dioxide trapped in the cells. This in turn allows greater uptake of nutrients into the cell and greater flow of toxins out of the cell.

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